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Post drag sweaty mess 


I’m done with vine.

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me:where do you live?
vegan:I'm a vegan

-An Open Letter to Anyone-

Time for me to head back home to Jersey…

I realized so much on my trip down south this was exactly what I needed. 

I finally feel set free from all the people that were doing me wrong.

I finally feel set free from the control of my ex boyfriend. 

My writing is back and I feel stronger than ever about my words. 

I was in such a depression the past months nothing I wrote was good, it was all cheap and artificial like the people that were around me. 

I finally feel that Jakk is back!

It’s the return of one of my old selves, or that I’m back to who I used to be. 

I mean I’m here to only rise now. 

I have never felt so reborn like this. 

This phoenix is only at its starting point. 

So here’s to the next ten years everyone <3

May everyone finally reach a great place and start your next chapter with positivity.



PS: If you have the potential do something fucking awesome and that talent to change the world YOU BETTER FUCKING DO IT.

Don’t waste the gifts you are given. 

Be a hard worker <3

The “turnoff” “turnon” game. Ask me anything and I will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.

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I just had a damn ice cream sundae eatin out my ass. So like my day off is pretty good

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